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Allison Kijak

R+F Independent Consultant

My favorite products:
SOOTHE Regimen for Sensitive Skin and
ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

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My Story

A few years ago, I loved my corporate job.  I had a boss that mentored me and championed my growth.  I felt challenged and I saw a future there.  My husband and I were building our dream house and we were expecting our first child.  Suddenly my world was turned upside down.  My manager left the company and the work environment that I returned to following maternity leave was unrecognizable.

I knew that my priorities shifted when I saw my son for the first time, but it took me a while to realize that I wasn't living my life in line with those priorities.  After months of running the same routines and feeling stuck in autopilot, I decided to make a change.  The jobs I came across didn't excite me and I had trouble visualizing the life I dreamed of while doing them.  One day, I saw one of my college classmates posting about Rodan + Fields.  She was making a full time paycheck while staying home with her twin babies.  On top of that, the company was rewarding her with luxury gifts.  Color me intrigued!  

Following lots of research and conversations about the business, I joined Rodan + Fields in August 2015.  Through this company I enjoy the freedom of having my own business, and am able to run this business virtually and from anywhere.  I set my schedule to work around the treasures in my life- my family and friends.  I am able to attend school events and be home to cook dinner.  This experience has been a journey of self-discovery, and through it, I realized I want to leave my children with a financial legacy so they will not have the same struggles.  I want to live confidently and with purpose.  I believe I'm on my way to doing so!

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